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Patagonia, a range of the world's most magnificent granite spires, is surrounded by earth's most ferosious storms. Therefore, climbing the central pillar of the Torres del Paine is not just a 1200 metre climb up. It is an incredible alpine challenge.

In Januari and Februari 2005, me and my three fellow Dutch team members have tried to link all of 36 pitches to the top of the east face of the Central tower in the route 'Riders in the Storm'. Technical difficulties up to UIAA IX and A3 were tackled, until finally the weather forced us to retreat halfway up. Read the full inside story about this great challange by clicking on the links below.

report 09-jan-2005: Shopping in Chili

report 13-jan-2005: ferrying loads to Base Camp

report 17-jan-2005: installing Advanced Base Camp

report 21-jan-2005: 3rd climbing day

report 24-jan-2005: bad weather

report 27-jan-2005: very important progress

report 29-jan-2005: reaching port-a-ledge ridge

report 01-feb-2005: the top is getting nearer

report 04-feb-2005: facing the facts

report 07-feb-2005: battered but safe

report 10-feb-2005: a small reward after all

report 12-feb-2005: leaving the Torres behind

Torres del Paine - Riders in the Storm