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In june 2006 Eric and Frédéric Le Quang did a traverse of the Tré-la-Tête mountain near Chamonix. Nobody knows what has happenned but for some reason they have slid and slide down a couloir down for 300 metres, including a drop from a serac for about 100 metres.

Fred died instantly, but Eric just laid there an entire day in coma, until accidently they were discovered by a mountainguide. Immediately Eric was rescued by the PGHM and directly choppered to Genéva, Switserland. This period in coma lasted for about three months.

See some movies made by my friend Menno Boermans by clicking on the links below.

learning how to stand up You see that everybody around me is wearing throw-away-skirts and latex gloves because of the MRSA-virus I picked up in Genéva, Switserland. Arriving in Holland, at first still in coma, it took me about 9 monthsto get the virus out of my body. During that period, I lived comepletely isolsted.

learning how to walk (and no, I didn´t have some)

learning to cycle again

climbing the highest mountain on earth: coma